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Why Mobile?


When consumers leave their home, they take 3 primary things with them without fail:

Keys Wallet Phone

Imagine being able to send a coupon or special offer to hundreds of your existing customers on a slow day at the office and knowing that they will not only get the message instantly, but they will also read the message within 4 minutes! Would this help you sell a few more pizzas, hair cuts, movie tickets, car washes or retail items?

You bet it would!

This is no longer a concept for the future! This is happening right now for thousands of business owners that are harnessing the power of MOBILE!

With smart phones dominating the marketplace, we see opportunity like never before. We can now interact with our customers and attract new business with amazing speed right through their phone. Take this mobile technology and couple it with online marketing strategies by properly using search engines, online directories and social media and you'll have to catch your breath in a few months. This concept will allow you to expand your business, create more jobs or just make you more money at the end of the day; it's your choice!


Before the Internet came along, business owners were forced to depend on a limited number of ways to advertise and communicate with consumers. You had the traditional methods, such as the phone book, newspapers, television, radio, direct mail, telemarketing, print ads and word-of-mouth. All of these options, with the exception of word-of-mouth, have always been extremely expensive and out of reach for many companies. You are also thrown in to the mix with hundreds or thousands of other advertisers competing for the same business; week after week, month after month.

Although these options still exist, they are even more expensive and more competitive today than ever before. You will also find it to be very difficult to track your results with any of these traditional marketing and advertising methods.


With the advent of new technologies and savvy consumers, the business owner is now faced with many limitations, restrictions and challenges when using traditional forms of advertising.

  • Phone books are rarely used any more when it is faster and easier to find what you want with Google, Yahoo and Bing. By the way, where is your phone book and how long has it been since you've used it for anything?
  • Newspaper sales are declining rapidly because all the news you could ever want, local, national and international, are at your fingertips with the Internet.
  • Television Commercials continue to cost more and are being skipped and bypassed by many consumers since we now have DVR's and TiVo systems.
  • Radio Commercials also continue to cost more and are becoming less effective since we now have companies like Sirius Radio and other commercial free options.
  • Direct Mail is what most people call "JUNK MAIL" which, more times than not, finds its way to the trash can very quickly and only yields about a 1-2% response rate.
  • Telemarketing is considered to be a nuisance by most consumers and now they can simply add themselves to the "DO NOT CALL LIST" which takes them off the market.
  • Print Ads continue to cost more for less space and you are still thrown in with an abyss of other advertisers engaging the same consumers.
  • Email is even becoming less and less effective with the wide-spread use of SPAM Software and technology.


Today's business owners are faced with many challenges when it comes to using the Internet.


  1. Search results are dominated by large corporations and major chains
  2. Lack of knowledge to develop a web campaign
  3. Belief they can’t compete on an economical basis
  4. Not enough time to learn how to successfully engage the Internet
  5. Inability to transition from traditional advertising to online methods


  • There are over 5 billion cell phone user vs. only 1.8 billion Internet users (almost 3x in market size.)
  • Out of these users, 51 Million use smart phones.
  • There is a fundamental shift in how people are communicating.
  • Text open up rates are a staggering 95%!
  • 73% of new mobile phone buyers report that text messaging is the most important feature on their phone.
  • The typical mobile phone user now sends more text messages than mobile phone calls.
  • Gen Y and Z consider e-mail passe’.
  • In fact, some universities have stopped distributing e-mail accounts all together.

Another great advantage of being mobile is by providing access to potential customers through Google and Yahoo maps.

The bottom line is that MOBILE TECHNOLOGY will give you the ability to reach out to your existing and potentially new customers with ease. You will be on the cutting edge of what is referred to by many business owners and consumers as the most direct, effective and accepted form of advertising that has ever been introduced, period! And best of all, this technology is SO AFFORDABLE, you will spend less than you ever have before and get much better results than you could ever imagine!


Here at Blue Dock Media, we are here to help you understand this MOBILE landscape and empower you with the knowledge and tools that you'll need to successfully engage this ever-growing mobile marketplace.

We will also assist you with the basic necessities of online marketing. You NEED to be properly indexed on Google because that is where your customers are looking for products and services. You need a mobile-enabled website so anyone can easily access your information from any device; from smart phones to desktop computers.

This might all seem a bit overwhelming and we understand that. That's why we are going to take all of that pressure off of your shoulders and guide you down the right path to being totally prepared and set up for this MOBILE REVOLUTION that is happening as we speak.

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