Web Designer

Alright, here's the deal. We are growing by leaps and bounds and we need help!

We are looking to hire someone to help us build awesome websites for our clients. Our clients are mostly small business owners with 1-5 employees. We provide them with a full-service model that allows them to tell us what they want and we take care of everything. We do all the heavy lifting so they don't have to which allows them to simply focus on their business.

We are looking for someone that is friendly, creative and willing to learn on the fly in an ever-changing digital environment.

You don't need to be a hardcore developer to do this job. However, a working knowledge of HTML and CSS will be fairly important.

In this job, you will:

  • Customize website templates to meet the needs of the client. They will look terrific!
  • Assemble / format textual content (that we provide)
  • Assemble / modify / crop images (that we provide)
  • Use Joomla, a lot
  • Use FTP, a lot
  • Collaborate closely with your project manager

And you’ll need:

  • Awesome design skills
  • A fundamental understanding of how websites display on all devices
  • Strong attention to detail and sharp problem-solving skills
  • Possess great working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop
  • Functional knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Experience using FTP
  • Experience with Joomla 3

If you have never worked with Joomla before but have experience with WordPress or other CMS Software, that's OK ... we can live with that and will train you accordingly.

The best part is you can work with us right from the comfort of your own home!

Here's how our process works ...

We will assign you a project (a website) and give you a timeline in which it needs to be accomplished. Your project manager will always be available to help you with challenges and questions you may have along the way so you are never really alone.

We pay you for every completed project. On average, these websites will take you anywhere from 15-30 hours to complete, depending on your skill-set.

You are basically going to be your own boss and set your own schedule (work when you want) as long as you get the project done by the deadline.

We want someone in the Western New York area so we can have an in-person interview/meeting to discuss everything up front.

If you join the team, you will be required to attend team meetings 1-2 times per month at a central location. These meetings will be 1-2 hours long and we will always include food.

That's it!

We are confident that the right person will do very well with us and since we are growing quickly, the future looks bright and there are definitely opportunities on the horizon!

If this sounds like it might be a fit, we would love to hear from you.

Simply send your resume to or call us at 716-406-9810.

The Blue Dock Way

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